It would be a pleasure to produce a custom piece or pieces of artwork for you.  Based on your needs and budget I will work with you on what you desire and the best way in which I can accomplish that for you. 


Completion time will be discussed and determined before work begins.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the client.  All my work is original and no two paintings are exactly alike.  Sending samples of paint colors, fabrics and pictures of the room in which it will be displayed would be helpful in completing the most pleasing piece.  Toward the end of the piece I will send you photos to show progress and to ensure the piece is creating the desired affect.  Once agreed the piece meets specifications it will be shipped.  The best shipping process will be determined at that time. 


Deposit-  I will require a 50% deposit upon the beginning of the piece and the remaining 50% upon completion and before delivery.


Price-  This will be determined between myself and client before work begins.  The price will include shipping.  A standard “Art Commission Agreement” will be required to protect both of us and allows for clear communications on the project.

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